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2016: "Titancraft" (Ltd. 2-LP Klares Vinyl)

2016: Titancraft (Ltd. 2-LP Klares Vinyl)

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Art.Nr.: IS-LP-013-clear
Hersteller: AFM Records
AFM Records
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Tracklist Ltd. Gatefold Clear 2-Vinyl (limitiert auf 500 Exemplare):

Side A:
01. Under Siege
02. Titancraft
03. Way Of The Blade
04. Seize The Day

Side B:
05. Gunsmoke
06. Beyond The Horizon
07. The Sun Won’t Rise In Hell
08. Strike Down The Tyranny

Side C:
09. Brother In Arms
10. R&R Addiction
11. I Surrender

Side D:
12. Rebellious
13. Protector (2016)

Iron Savior - Titancraft - Ltd. Gatefold Clear 2-Vinyl

After releasing their first ever Live DVD/CD (“Live At The Final Frontier”) and a re-vamped version of their “Megatropolis” album (“Megatropolis 2.0”), German power metal icons IRON SAVIOR finally return with a brand new studio album of all new material – following up on the success of 2014’s highly-acclaimed “Rise Of The Hero”. “Titancraft” very likely is the sonically best of all Iron Savior releases and delivers exactly what the heavy/power metal fan loves: Fist-pumping anthems, furious bangers, powerful mid-tempo tracks and the special something you can’t really describe.

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2016: Titancraft (Ltd. 2-LP Klares Vinyl)2016: Titancraft (Ltd. 2-LP Klares Vinyl)


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